One of the aspects veterans miss the most from military service is the feeling of camaraderie and having a team or “tribe.” Since only 1% of Americans are joining the service, it’s no surprise that 44% of post-9/11 veterans say they have difficulty reintegrating into civilian life after leaving active duty. It’s challenging for service members to find a new tribe in the civilian world that understands them.

That’s why we started Scars & Stripes Coffee. We want to empower veterans and connect them with communities all across this great country by developing the largest veterans-only salesforce. Now, all veterans across America will have a team to join following their military service.


At Scars & Stripes Coffee, our business structure is founded on empowering veterans to start their own businesses. Our core pillar is creating a veterans-only salesforce and only veterans can sell Scars & Stripes Coffee products. We use a single-level direct marketing sales model combined with a military rank structure to create teams with a mission, a purpose, and a community of accountability. Our mission is self-sustaining; we provide employment and income opportunities for veteran team members and empower them by giving them a hand up instead of a handout.


  • There are four ranks for the Scars & Stripes salesforce: team member, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and First Sergeant.
  • Each veteran starts at the bottom and works up to the next position based on a detailed structure of duties and milestones that have to be met consistently in order to advance.
  • Every new veteran is assigned to a team of 6 with a Squad Leader. Each week, Squad Leaders hold a “Monday Morning Muster” to meet with each of their 6 team members to help with business development and provide accountability and community.
  • Platoon Sergeants conduct “Monday Morning Muster” with their team of 4 Squad Leaders, and First Sergeants hold “Monday Morning Muster” for their Platoon Sergeants.
  • When a new veteran joins the sales team, they’re given a unique URL to track their sales and they are trained on various sales outlets by their Squad Leader.
  • Team leaders are accountable to their teams and are required to consistently check on both their business development and their mental health.
  • The most impactful outlets for cognitive engagement are events like hunting and fishing shows, farmers markets, and more. Team members will create and prepare assets for the event, set up a booth or table, interact with customers, and sell Scars & Stripes Coffee products. These events help empower transitioning veterans to merge their military skills with civilian skills.


Scars & Stripes Coffee provides business training to our veteran salesforce in a variety of areas, such as how to build a business plan and develop an operating agreement, how to set up an LLC, understanding tax laws, developing and maintaining a business proforma, and evaluating business opportunities.

Squad Leaders serve as transition coaches and mentors for their teams, and impact all aspects of a veteran’s life, from their families to their workplaces. Squad Leaders, Platoon Sergeants, and First Sergeants offer guidance on developing a revenue stream and on the psychological and social impacts that come with returning to civilian life.


There are services that exist to help veterans and their families transition into civilian life from the military with information, advice, and job training resources, such as the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). The goal of these programs is to help service members merge their military experience and skills with their post-military goals. Unfortunately, these programs leave a gap in instruction and training and support for transitioning veterans.

The Scars & Stripes Coffee model offers better reintegration results than the current system for four main reasons:

  • Our platform can accommodate an unlimited number of veterans and is not constrained by government systems or budgets
  • We welcome veterans from all across America and aren’t limited by geography
  • Our team structure reignites the sense of camaraderie that veterans miss so much by connecting them with veteran “life coaches” and teammates
  • Our business model is sustainable because Scars & Stripes Coffee is an open-market, for-profit company


We believe that our mission works, and we have seen it in action. But, we need people like you to choose Scars & Stripes Coffee products, and give us the oxygen we need to continue the mission.


So many people love and support our veterans, but they don’t have a ton of time or financial resources to donate and aren’t sure how to make a real impact. We designed Scars & Stripes Coffee with this in mind.

Every purchase impacts an individual veteran by reigniting a sense of teamwork with a mission, a purpose, and a community of accountability. When you purchase directly through a veteran, 20% of your gross sales is paid directly to that veteran in earned commissions.

Our teams have the fuel. We need you to give us the oxygen to build the largest veteran-only salesforce and empower veterans across America.


We pride ourselves in bringing the highest quality beans sold by the highest quality people. Know that when you purchase our coffee you are not only supporting the finest people in our country but you are also purchasing the highest quality bean. Our coffee is fresh roasted and will be at your doorstep within days of the bean being roasted. Our farms hand-pick the cherries at peak ripeness so that you get the smoothest cup of coffee possible. Then they hand wash the coffee bean inside to ensure that the bean is perfectly clean. The coffee beans are then separated and inspected so that you only get the top 20%, single origin bean. We do one final inspection of the coffee at our roaster to make certain that our standards are met and that the beans have not been blended with any lower grade coffee bean.


We are proud to roast every bag here in the land of the free.


If you are a veteran and want to join a team in your area then you will go to the JOIN THE MISSION page and sign-up. Our sales model is a single-level distribution ecommerce marketing business in which your income is directly related to your individual sales and not connected with any other veteran sales person. There is a start-up cost of $55 dollars which will be a kit that includes your welcome packet, marketing material, and sample coffee. In addition, you will use your PayPal account to receive your commissions and we will track your sales by your unique URL link that you will register during the set-up process. You will get paid 20% on your individual gross sales each month. If you do not have a PayPal account then you will need to register an account. Before we can activate your URL or send your starter kit, you must have signed your W9 and commitment letter that will be during your sign-up process. We need a W9 due to government tax reasons and your information is secure. Lastly, your business cards will need to be approved which will be emailed to you for your approval before printing. Once this is complete you will be assigned a Squad Leader and will be contacted by them within 10-12 business days of your activation in the system. If you have not been contacted then email one of the 1SGT’s that is listed in your welcome packet that was mailed to you. The United States Military is the finest force the world has ever seen and we believe when given a mission there is nothing that will stop these amazing people. Join Scars and Stripes Coffee because this is your team and when you see us represented nationally and locally you will know this company was built by your military brothers and sisters. You are ALL Scars and Stripes Coffee!


Who do I contact for questions?
General questions: info@scarsandstripescoffee.com
Order questions: order@scarsandstripescoffee.com