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Frequently Asked Questions


How do we empower veterans? 

We use a military rank structure that gives team, mission, purpose and accountability. When a veteran joins the team they are given a VetCode that we track their sales so that we can pay commissions and they are assigned to a 10-person squad for wellbeing checkup and business development  


Are you a multilevel marketing program? 

No, we are a direct sales marketing model


Do you donate proceeds to other causes: No, we focus on building current team members


Does the coffee have added flavor or notes: No. Flavor profile comes from the soil


How do I change my subscription: Login to your customer account and click manage my subscriptions 


How do I recover password: Goto website and click the person icon then press reset password


Return procedure: If you are not satisfied with product please contact info@scarsandstripescoffee.com and we will take care of return


Team Member

How long does it take to get approved: Typically, it takes 4-6 days


Do I need my W9 emailed before approval: Yes


Is my personal information secure: Yes


How long does it take to get starter kit: Starter kits are sent out 7-10 days once your business card is approved


How long before I am contacted by Squad Leader: Once you are activated, then you will be contacted within 7 business days.


Can my spouse sale the product: Yes, but the Veteran’s Vetcode must be used


Do I need an Employee Identification Number: If you are going to do events, your Squad Leader will instruct you on obtaining your EIN


Do I need to pay taxes on earnings: Yes, your Squad Leader will instruct you how to file taxes

I am disabled, can I sell the product: Yes, if you have concerns call your Veteran Affairs Office 


How do we get paid: Your commissions will be paid to your PayPal account monthly 


When do we pay commissions: On or around the 30th of each month


How does the structure work: Everyone that joins starts at the bottom and works their way through the rank structure 


How do you get promoted to the next rank: There are specific rank structure and that structure is posted on the website


Do we have to be on a Squad: Yes


How to order more samples, business cards, marketing material: Email: heather@scarsandstipescoffee.com


Who do I contact for questions: info@scarsandstripescoffee.com


W9 Instructions:

Fill in the following for the W9 form:

#1 Your name

#3 Check Individual/sole proprietor

#5 & #6 Your address

Enter Social security number & Sign and date.