Guaranteed Buy-Back Initiative

With our Guaranteed Buy-Back Initiate, you will have the opportunity to sell your unused products back to the company. The following are the terms and conditions for use of the program: 

  1. You will be responsible for boxing and shipping the clean, unbroken products back to the corporate office at 4420 E I-240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73135.
  2. Order must be purchased in the form of one of our event kits (S, M, L, etc.), and no deviation will be permitted.
  3. Kits will be at your discount rate of 20-35%, depending on the cost of the kit purchased. 
  4. We need a 2-week notice on events.
  5. You will need to put your return list together and take a picture of it for your records. Pictures will also help if something is damaged during the shipping process. 
  6. You will be responsible for the return shipping cost of the products. 
  7. Once the products are received into the fulfillment center, we will check the products for damage and quantity, then we will issue a credit for the returned (clean & undamaged) product at the price it was purchased.
  8. Returned product needs to be in route to the corporate office, within 3 days following the event. 
  9. Your own POS will be used.
  10. Event fees are to be paid by the team member unless, it is a corporate event. 

We encourage all of you to get involved in the events and we hope that this initiative will give you the confidence to invest into these opportunities. Lastly, we want you all to know that we are committed to growing this company and to investing in opportunities that will empower more Veterans, BUT the success of this company will be because of all your love for your brothers and sisters in-arms. 

Video of our 2022 National Sales Meeting