What is the Vet Generator?

The Veteran Generator is a unique tool that we are using to empower our Veterans. When a customer visits our page organically, meaning that they do not have a Veteran's unique link, they will be given the opportunity prior to checkout to empower a Veteran that has earned their way into the Vet Generator. 

Four Veterans will randomly generate onto the Vet Generator. The more tickets the Veteran EARNS, the more chances they have of populating on this page. A customer will then select one of the four Veterans to empower. Once the order is complete, 20% commission will go to the Veteran that the customer chooses. 

Tickets to the Vet Generator reset on a monthly basis. This is to drive motivation, increase accountability and incentivize Team Members at all levels to build their business. It also brings in return customers for the Veteran.  

As a Veteran, how do you earn your way into the Vet Generator?

1) Become a Leader (Leaders must properly perform as a leader, meeting expectations as set forth by the company.)

  • Squad Leaders = 2 tickets
  • Platoon Sergeants = 3 tickets
  • First Sergeants = 4 tickets
  • Staff = 5 tickets

2) Individual Sales Numbers (Only orders placed on our website, whether personal or customers using your link or Vet Code count. Resell numbers do not count)

  • For every $500 sold = 1 ticket 

3) Referrals

  • 1 referral = 10 tickets (The new Team Member must add the Affiliates name in the notes at the time of sign-up; no exceptions. Tickets will be applied once the new Team Member purchases their Starter Kit.)

4) Events (Event information must be submitted via the event form, located in the Affiliate portal, and placed on our Event Calendar. The Veteran will not receive tickets for the Vet Generator, until after the event is worked.)

  • 1 event = 5 tickets