I am not a veteran but I have always admired our Veterans. I work with the VA Medical Center of Oklahoma City. It has been during these years that I personally got to experience the “scars” that these amazing individuals live with every day. What I have discovered is that even though most of our veterans are scarred in some way, they don’t like talking about that side of their service. I always thought of “physical scars” when it comes to veterans but I have found that no matter if a veteran had a keyboard or a rifle in their hand they sacrificed. Whether it was missing birthdays or even missing child births they sacrificed and were scarred. While watching a national news program about helping veterans through the sale of coffee, I was divinely inspired to start a company that would provide an income for our veterans. As I researched the idea, I found that this is not just about empowering our veterans to start their own business, it is bringing them closer to their military brothers and sisters. I have experienced veterans’ true genuineness to help each other, it is so real. The most impressive thing I have experienced is that above all else the soldier cares most about their fellow soldier and nothing is more important than the team. So I thought what if there was a business that not only builds an extra income for veterans but also brings the “team” together. Thus, the creation of Scars and Stripes Coffee was developed. We are so excited to see the mission of Scars and Stripes come to life with these fine people and I know that when given a mission there is nothing that will stop them. Please empower our Veterans build the finest coffee distributorship ever seen in this country!

Thank You, Chad


I am currently a Lieutenant Colonel in the Oklahoma Army National Guard. I have had the great opportunity to wear this uniform for 22 years and serve this great nation. Being a part of this amazing brotherhood has been a true blessing. My very best friends are those whom I have served with, sacrificed with, and collected scars with. As I’ve grown older I want to share my passion with other Veterans. Scars and Stripes is truly for the Veterans. The commission from the coffee sales goes directly to the supported Veteran, it doesn’t go to a company, or to Scars and Stripes for us to decide where the profits should be spent. This is a grass roots organization that 100% puts the service member first. That is why I support this company and why I have partnered to help it grow and change lives of my favorite people, the Veterans. Brothers and Sisters, join us in our crusade in helping those that have served so selflessly and join me sometime for a hot cup of coffee.

Thank You, Brad