We have found that when Veterans are connected back with their family and interacting with their community then reintegration to civilian life is more successful. It is the common mission of the entrepreneurial journey that is positively connecting the family, community and Veteran.

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Training is essential for Veteran entrepreneurs because it enables them to gain the skills and confidence needed to build a successful business. Training can also help Veterans become more aware of available resources and connect them with mentors who can provide guidance and advice. Ultimately, training can be a key part of helping Veterans succeed in their endeavors as entrepreneurs.


  • Opportunity

    We give a unique opportunity for Veterans to connect with their family and community in a unique way of selling our premium fresh roast coffee.

  • Accountability

    We partner and harvest our coffee from eco-friendly small to medium sized family owned farms that we know treats their employees with dignity and respect.

  • Integrity

    We are committed to ethical practices and are dedicated to upholding our core values of integrity, respect, and excellence.

  • Quality

    Our coffee is rated in the top 20% single origin coffee. Importantly, our coffee is harvested by hand which allows us to roast perfectly ripe coffee beans that brews the smoothest cup of coffee.