...with His stripes we are healed." - Isaiah 53:5

We believe that true healing and internal Joy comes from our Lord and Savior, our creator, the one who binds our very atoms together with His voice Jesus Christ. Any success that we may have with this endeavor we give all credit to the Holy Spirit that is in us. 

Scars & Stripes Coffee empowers Veterans to build their own business using our e-commerce platform. When you purchase from Scars and Stripes Coffee your purchase directly impacts the men and women who have served our country. Purchase one of our top 20% coffee roasts and EMPOWER A VETERAN TODAY!


Camaraderie is one of the most missed experiences by Veterans. At Scars and Stripes our mission is to build the largest Veteran only salesforce which provides team, mission, purpose, and accountability. When a Veteran joins the team, they are introduced to the other Veterans and their families that are part of Scars and Stripes. This builds a positive group of Veteran Focused, Family and Community. 


We roast the highest quality beans sold by the highest quality people. Know that when you purchase our coffee you are not only supporting the finest people in our country but you are also purchasing the highest quality bean. Our coffee is fresh roasted and will be at your doorstep within days of the bean being roasted. As we grow, we will be adding new flavors.


Veterans have the opportunity to make an income by selling Scars & Stripes Coffee. Veterans who sign up get unique links. Whenever customers order coffee, shirts, or gear the Veteran earns commission. Customers who order without a specific Veteran link will be helping to add to Scars and Stripes ability to Empower other Veteran non-profits. 

If you are a Veteran we invite you to join the Scars and Stripes Coffee team.

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