The Story of Scars & Stripes Coffee, Est. November 8, 2018

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When you sign-up for a Scars & Stripes subscription you are giving back to your selected Veteran on a regular basis. 20% goes back to your Veteran every time an order is placed! Don't have a Veteran in mind? That is okay, you can select one from our Veteran Generator at checkout!

We have parterned with The Rugged Co. out of Indianapolis, IN to offer a great line of all-natural skincare products. Watch the video below and get yours today! All Rugged products Empower our Veterans!

Are you a Business Owner?

It is so easy to carry our products in your store! Fill out the form below and within 3-5 business days someone from corporate will reach out to you.

Most retail accounts will get a 20% discount, while a 10% commission goes back to the Veteran that you are empowering.

If you don't have a Veteran, it's okay! We will assign a Veteran to be your service representative that is close in proximity to your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we empower Veterans

We use a military rank structure that gives team, mission, purpose and accountability. When a Veteran joins the team they are given a vet code & link. Through that link, affiliates have the ability to track their sales, and HQs has the means to pay them their commission. Veteran affiliates are assigned to a squad, in their geographic region, to fulfill the business development and camaraderie pieces of our mission.

Are you a multi-level marketing program?

No, we utilize a direct sales marketing model.

Do you donate proceeds to other causes?

No, however 20% of every item purchased goes back to your chosen Veteran. We are aligned with a 501(c)(3), Empower the Veterans, that supports other non-profit organizations such as; Mighty Oaks, Folds of Honor, and Heart of a Lion.  Also look for us in your community, giving back.

Do you offer coupons and/or discounts?

Not many, our focus, as seen evident by our Vet-Generator, is fixed on building up our current team members.

20% of EVERY sale, goes back to a Veteran team member that has earned their place in the Vet-Generator. Truly making this a hand-up, NOT a hand-out!

Does the coffee have added flavors or notes?

No, the flavor profile comes directly from the soil in which the bean is grown in. There are no additives.

How do I recover my password?

Go to the website, click the person icon (located in the top, right corner),  then press reset password.

What is your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with product please contact  and we will take care of return.