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Access your affiliate dashboard to order your starter kit, receive gifts from Headquarters, monitor your sales, track your commissions, and retrieve marketing materials.

Learning Management System

Here you have access to iSpring, our Learning Management System. Onboarding, training modules, and continuing education will be completed in this self-paced system. Earn ribbons and certificates for each module completed. Complete a full course and earn 5 tickets into the Vet Generator.

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Do you have an upcoming event?

Fill out the below form so we can put your event on our event calendar. Once you work your event, we will award you with 5 tickets into the Vet Generator!

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Team Member Store

Team Member Discounts

The following discount codes can be used up front when you make a purchase. If you use a discount code, you WILL NOT receive a commission for the products purchased. Discounts cannot be applied to certain equipment and marketing materials located in the team store. These discount codes ARE NOT to be handed out to customers for public use.


Use VET20 if your order is less than $400, to receive 20% off.

Use VET25 if your order is over $400, to receive 25% off.

Use VET30 if your order is over $500, to receive 30% off.

Use VET35 is your order is over $900, to receive 35% off.